Taking the Step.

Taking the step is easier said than done, and honestly, I learned that firsthand. It's crazy to think that I've been a freelancer for two years after taking the step from my 9-5. But the common question that still paralyzes a lot of creatives is, "How do I take the first step?" It's a question that seems simple on the surface because we assume that if you're passionate about something, you will automatically know the answer but, that's not true. I knew that I wanted to teach a writing class full-time, but I struggled for months, figuring out what the first step would be. Do I make sure I have a set number of clients before I leap? How would I create and advertise our writing program and services? How much do I charge for my services? One simple step can turn into 1000 when you have a million of them flying at you at once. For years I wanted to put together a social where entrepreneurs and creatives could build together, but I never planned that first step. The thing that makes the first step possible is the vision and then planning on how to bring that vision to life.

Pivot Co-Working Space

Pivot Co-Working Space

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work with a Co-Working Space called Pivot in Catonsville. After talking with Brandon, the Owner, I discussed the idea of organizing and putting together an event for creatives in Baltimore. Not only did Brandon love the idea, but he insisted that we host it at Pivot. When we thought about the name of the event, Brandon immediately came up with "Taking the Step." I can't even go into detail how ironic that moment was, but I knew it was confirmation that this event needed to happen.


I haven't organized an event in a few years minus our writing classes, and I never put one together in Baltimore. However, I thought this could be an opportunity to connect myself with other creatives in the area, especially since my wife and I live in Baltimore. To spread the word, I had to go back to the basics, which was humbling. I went back to printing and personally handing out flyers, I made phone calls (yes, I picked up a phone and dialed numbers) and mailed out personalized coloring invitations to send out to friends and family designed by Angelo.


The biggest takeaway I hope that comes from this event is for creatives to have a conversation. We all go through different journeys in our lives, and most often we feel alone in that journey. The goals that we want to reach may be different, but the struggles and challenges are the same. By having a conversation and connecting, I hope we can help tear down walls that we often build ourselves. The event will have speakers that will share their journey and story that I hope will impact and resonate with you.

If you want to learn what taking the first step looks like in your journey, I encourage you to come and connect. RSVP your spot here. I'll save you a cup of coffee. Coffee cheers.

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