Silver Spun® Goods Campaign


The only thing that rivals the feeling of putting on a new pair of shoes is putting on a fresh pair of socks. It's a feeling of bliss and peace that lasts forever. I'm obsessed with socks. A few months ago, I wrote an editorial on why socks were the new staple piece for GQ (if you haven't read it yet, you should click here.) Therefore, when the opportunity arose to model in the Silver Spun® Socks look-book, I was honored and excited. Even though I was eager to add "sock model" to my resume, I was more interested in learning the backstory of Silver Spun® Goods and to see what made them unique. 

Laurie Gonyea took her love for knitting and incorporated the therapeutic properties of yarn spun with pure silver to produce the first hand knitting yarn in the U.S., hence the name "Silver Spun." The unique, external craftsmanship from Silver Spun Socks isn't the only thing that sets them apart; in fact, the real magic, behind the socks, is the small details that are invisible to the naked eye. Each pair of Silver Spun socks include thermal properties that will keep your feet warm, and cozy during colder days and nights. Silver Spun socks also come with natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and pure silver that kill odor-causing germs. The benefit of germ-killing silver means that you don't have to wash each pair as often, which is convenient, especially if you are always on the go, like myself. The socks come in minimalist colors, which are constructed from natural dyes, making dressing easy and suitable. The socks come in two options: ankle and crew socks for men and women. 


Ankle Socks

Deciding if you're an ankle or crew sock person is like choosing between flats or drumstick wings - there's no obvious answer! For me, it all depends on the situation. I have to admit that I usually only wear ankle socks to the gym and to bed. However, I'm slowly switching things up and wearing ankle socks more regularly. In my opinion, the most significant advantage with ankle socks is how much cooler they keep you on hot days. I recommend the Silver Spun Ankle socks for casual settings when you don't mind showing off your leg gains.


Crew Socks

Crew socks are acceptable in any setting and situation, which make them my favorite “go to socks.” I enjoy wearing crew socks with cuffed loose denim and basketball shorts for an 80s-dad vibe. The most significant benefit from crew socks is that you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. With Silver Spun Crew Socks, you don't have to second guess if they are appropriate to wear to the office because of the minimal branding and neutral color-way. These socks naturally stick out while fitting in.

Each purchase helps the community!

 When you purchase a pair of Silver Spun Socks, you’re not only enhancing your style, you’re also helping to feed a child. Every purchase of Silver Spun® Goods goes towards impacting the community through local organizations. The current organization that Silver Spun has partnered with is "No Kid Hungry," which is a nonprofit organization helping ensure that no kid is left without a meal. No Kid Hungry provides summer meals, school breakfast, and after school meals for kids in the community. To support this mission, Silver Spun® Goods donates a portion of their proceeds from each sale to help provide assistance and aid for communities in need.


 Comfort is something you will never lack with Silver Spun Socks. When it comes to premium basics, most of our attention is reserved for our clothes without much thought to our accessories, but it's the essential accessories that make our style unique. Try Silver Spun Socks today and share you experience with me. I would love to hear your story.

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