Richer Poorer Essentials

Photography by  Alex Moonrise

Photography by Alex Moonrise

Cozy wear is a vibe that’s reserved for the weekend. However, when done right, cozy wear can undoubtedly extend past the weekend and become a daily uniform if you invest in the right pieces from the right brand. One brand that has a solid track record of quality is Richer Poorer. Based in LA, Richer Poorer is a brand that provides premium basics for men and women. Similar to the east coast, LA is a city where the temperature fluctuates depending on the time of the day. So, choosing the right outfit for the day can present a challenge, especially in the summer as the weather shifts from scorching to cool. For this summer essential, I wanted to give you an alternative style option If tank tops and cargo shorts aren’t your things.


Richer Poorer Fleece Sweatshirt

The relationship between a man and a sweatshirt is a sacred one. It’s a relationship that can last for decades simply because as men, we love anything comfortable, convenient, and time-efficient (which probably explains why we love fast-food so much.) From early morning gym trips to late-night concerts, you are going to need a dependable sweatshirt by your side. Like many brands, Richer Poorer has stylish options when it comes to sweatshirts, but what sets them apart is their commitment to comfort. The key to Richer Poorer comfort is the softened silicon behind each fleece sweatshirt that creates a broken-in feel for every wear. Constructed from 60% cotton and 40% polyester each Richer Poorer fleece is elegantly tailored to meet your style needs. Richer Poorer Fleece Sweatshirt


Richer Poorer Fleece Sweatpants

I have to admit it’s hard to part ways with your favorite pair of denim, especially when you have them broken in just right with your signature cuffs. However, putting on the right pair of sweatpants can easily change all of that. I enjoy wearing sweatpants but to be honest I never associated fleece sweatpants with summer. Usually, summer is a season where my basketball and running shorts are in rotation while my denim and chinos are left on the back burner. However, after trying Richer Poorer Fleece Sweat Pants, I had a change of heart mainly because of how lightweight and comfortable they are. The fleece fabric kept me undoubtedly warm without overheating and bursting into flames! Of course, nothing will keep you cool like linen and cotton shorts, but for the summer nights when you want to step out without getting consumed by mosquitoes, these are your best option. Richer Poorer Fleece Sweatpant.


The beautiful thing about essentials is that you can roll them over to the next season. With fall only a few months away investing in premium basics now can put you ahead of the game. Why wait for the leaves to change colors and the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes’ to start assembling your wardrobe? Start now with these Richer and Poorer staples.