Words of Wisdom "The Journey May Change but your Purpose Won’t.”

Take the step so that you can leap, so you can take the fall to fly to your purpose.

It’s hard to believe that one purpose can send you down so many different paths in life. At first, it can seem like we’re settling or cheating ourselves when we decide to try something new. It’s a feeling that leaves us confused and disconnected because our new journey looks nothing like the original, but that’s part of the growth. When you dare to try something new that’s not familiar to you, your focus enhances, and your confidence shrinks to the size of a mustard seed. However, as you continue to discover things that you like that compliment your talents and stretch your mind, the more defined and clear the path will become. Just because you changed your mind or changed paths doesn’t mean your purpose change; on the contrary, it means you allow yourself to grow and to discover your purpose. How can you know what your purpose or gift is if you don’t charter unfamiliar territory? You may have had your heart set on being a music artist but discovered you enjoy the management side of it strictly. At one point in your life, you may have dreamed of starting your business but realized you enjoy working for an established company. None of these revelations change your purpose; it just changes the journey, and that’s fine. Life is about growth and discovery, so give yourself time to discover your true passion and don’t feel ashamed if it doesn’t mirror the vision you started with. Take the step so that you can leap, so you can take the fall to fly to your purpose. Enjoy the journey one cup of coffee at a time, my friends.