Black Men Anonymous. Podcast Interview.

Black men anonymous.png

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest on my boy Tre Taylor podcast "Black Men Anonymous." On each episode, Tre interviews and feature men of color who are impacting the culture and their community who sometimes fly under the radar. It was indeed an honor to be featured and to talk about creativity because I believe that creatives need conversation. When we talk about the definition of a creative and what that entails, we usually don't get the whole perspective. Majority of what we showcase on social media is just the glam and the wins while we withhold the private losses and the difficult challenges that push us to our limits. I've known Tre for years and, we talk about these topics regularly, but this time we got an opportunity to drop gems on wax. Without giving away too much away Tre and me talk about entrepreneurship, what it truly means to be a creative and the power of marriage. I hope you all enjoy but, first grab a coffee.