Am I too old for streetwear?


Last month, I reached a milestone; I officially turned 30. It’s an age similar to a pay raise. It comes with more responsibility and less benefits. However, in the end, it’s worth it. Every year, as the season prepares to transition out, I go through my clothes and create two piles: one I want to keep, and the other to giveaway to a local thrift shop. Sometimes, I get lazy and end up tossing it into the dumpster. I know it’s not ideal, but let’s not get distracted here folks! I love clothes, but as I looked over the accumulation of graphic tees, five panel hats, and windbreakers, I suddenly felt the urge to get rid of everything. The idea that I would ever be seen in public with some of these pieces were comical. Unfortunately, I had Facebook memories to remind me of my foolish attire as a youth. However, now at 30, maybe this was an appropriate age to disassociate myself from streetwear for good. Why hang on to these pieces? Maybe, it was a way for me to stay young. What seemed like routine cleaning suddenly became a mid-life crisis. Therefore, I did what I always do when I’m stuck with a dilemma, I picked up my pen and wrote out my frustrations. 

Since becoming a freelancer, my wardrobe has completely changed.

I could no longer take heartbreak.

If you never played a lottery scratch off and won, then you won’t be able to understand the logic behind the sensation. Even though the odds are stacked against you, there is still a slight chance that you may win, even if it’s only $10. Scrolling the ‘Supreme’ online store, on a Thursday morning, involves that kind of luck. We know, that in a matter of 20 seconds, everything on the site will be sold out. However, we continue to have our debit cards in hand in hopes of buying something! And, if you’re fortunate enough to actually make it to the check-out page with an item once you snag your first Supreme piece, you’re hooked for life. I did it for the thrill and excitement for years, but I have to admit reading a “Sold-Out” disclaimer every time I go for a release is less fun; at 30 it’s pitiful. *Inserts sad face :(


I started shopping smarter.

Once you reach a certain age and are responsible for bills, you start evaluating your budget. Fortunately, it didn’t take long to start evaluating my budget for clothes once I became a freelancer and realized there wasn’t one. Since becoming a freelancer, my wardrobe has completely changed. My jackets, tees and hoodies, which were once decorated with some type of logo or branding, have now been replace with just muted black Uniqlo tees and a pair of black and blue denim. This was the most humbling experience as I sold most of my items on Depop and Offer Up that summer just to pay minor bills until I was able to find a gig. I realized that life is a lot easier when you wear basic uniform pieces every day - not to mention the vast amount of time I saved trying to assemble an outfit together for each day.


Dress your age not your Yeezy size. 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all reached a place in our life where we questioned if our wardrobe matched our age. I remember when I turned 18, I suddenly started wearing knitted ties and wool sweaters, like an Ivy league student. Why? Because I felt that was the appropriate attire for that age. Now at 30, I came to that same realization. I felt like having a wardrobe that was too identical to my younger nephews couldn’t be good for someone my age, even though my nephew has some dope stuff. It was time to explore a wardrobe outside of streetwear and actual get more comfortable in blazers, trench coats, and button-ups. 


Before I end this piece, I want to state that I’m not knocking anyone over the age of 30 who still rocks streetwear. In fact, that’s how we keep the culture young and fresh. It gives us an opportunity to dress up streetwear in a way that’s unimagined and captivating and goes way beyond the young cats’ understanding. I realized that just because I’m no longer a devoted streetwear consumer, doesn’t mean I have to give up being a fan of streetwear. This just gives me an opportunity to venture out and explore a new look for my new age, which I recommend for anyone who’s looking to switch it up. Now, if you excuse me, I need to look on Depop for a wool Supreme hat, winter is coming!  

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