Thankful Crown Project Complete


The holiday season came and went as we approach a new year of opportunity. Before Thanksgiving Abi and I released the Crown Cap Print in exchange for your stories. The response and stories we received were amazing! Honestly, I came close to shedding a few tears on some of them. The whole concept behind the project was to let people know that there are people in the world who value your story and you have something to be thankful for. Even though we live in this social media driven world that’s over saturated with content what good does it do if we aren’t sharing our real stories? Once the “Thankful Crown” stories were collected the real work began! Abi and I made two piles and numbered and signed each print along with a personalized “Thank You” card.

 With this post, I wanted to share some of the stories that were sent in that I thought were really dope. If your story didn’t meet the deadline but you still would like a print I got you covered! Just head over to Abi website and you can purchase a framed print. I hope everyone enjoys their prints and I can’t wait to share the next project for 2019. Stay tuned and keep your coffee warm.

I’m thankful for my support group....constantly pushing and motivating me to do better and strive for greater. With them behind me I’ve definitely come farther than I thought
— Brenton Grigsby
I’m thankful for creators! I don’t know if In the last few years I’ve changed my circle to the point I’m noticing more creators and free thinkers around me, or if it’s just happening with the times. Whatever the case it feels good to see it happening. More people creating their own lanes, sounds, art, and just an overall great renaissance.
— Leo Vanzetti
I am thankful for the struggles I go through developing my own design agency. I work full-time managing a print shop and full-time working hard to push my business forward. As hard as I’m working, I know one day I’ll let go of fear of stability and give my all to my business.
— Johnesia
I am most grateful for my ability to provide for my family through my full-time job as well as my creative endeavors. Also, for my wife in supporting my many ideas and challenging me to see the importance of being creative and how that’s who I’m designed to be.
— Tony Franklin
I am grateful for my friends and family because most of the time they make life way more worth it.
— Maigen Murrah
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