Holiday Styling


The holidays are here and it’s time to dress for the occasion. Every event and function requires a different dress code. To help you prepare, I put together a mini style for every occasion you might need throughout the month. 


Holiday Dinner Party

Dinner parties are the new clubs. Actually, they are better because there are no lines, cover charges, or two drink minimums. What I find most appealing about dinner parties is the intimate environments that allows you to be more creative with your style. So, what’s suitable attire for the dinner party? Before, I can provide an answer, you first have to ask yourself two preliminary questions. Is there a particular dinner party theme? Sometimes dinner parties, especially around the holidays, have festive themes, which require certain items and colors, like an “ugly Xmas sweater “party for example. The second question is, “is it strictly dinner?” For some dinner parties, dinner is just the first thing on the menu (no pun intended), followed by games, karaoke, and ending with a couple’s toast. So, choosing an outfit, which looks suitable for the perfect dinner selfie while allowing you to bust a move during karaoke, is essential. You can wear a J.Crew navy suit with an earth tone turtle neck. A suit and tie in this situation may seem to formal. When paired the right way, a turtleneck, a long side a dazzling pocket square, can look just as dapper. 

 The outfit

Light seeing/ Café dates

It’s cold outside, but your lady wants to see the lights. What can you do? Layer-up and hope you don’t get frost bite! If you plan on seeing the sights, and ending the evening at a café, make sure you stay warm without compromising your style. A solid cashmere sweater, with a scarf and beanie, will always do the trick. Since you’re going to be on your feet for most of the night, wearing comfortable sneakers should be priority. A pair of New Balance, with fitted chino’s from Life After Denim, is a winning combination. The goal is to dress smart and warm. You don’t want to be sitting in a café hours later dressed like an Eskimo. 

 The outfit

New Year Style.

There is no night that brings promise of new beginnings like New Year’s Eve. It’s the last night of the year, so it’s important to end it on a fly note. So, if you decide to celebrate the night at a lounge or black-tie party, the black tux is the way to go. The classic tuxedo may seem complicated, but I’ll dissect the essentials you’ll need to assemble the look.

  • Dress shirt: If you’re wearing a tuxedo stick with a tuxedo shirt, that’s a no brainer. However, tuxedo shirts come in two options: the traditional point collar and the wing collar. Both shirts are acceptable. The only difference between the two is the “wing collar” reveals the bow tie around the neck.

  • Necktie or bowtie: The general rule when wearing a tuxedo is to wear a black bowtie. However, it’s not un common to see someone opt for a black necktie. I think the bow tie gives off a cleaner aesthetic. Banana Republic Black Bow Tie is exactly what you need to pull off this outfit 007 style.

  • Shoes: Strictly black dress shoes, no discussion.

  • Vest: The vest is totally optional and not really needed. However, if you’re looking for the full tux experience, always buy a solid vest that matches the tux color.

     The outfit

There you have it - three looks that should get you through December. Just remember to never spray cologne directly on your clothes, invest in a solid a dress coat, and always tip your waiter.