Thankful Crown Project


The Dilemma

It was June 22nd when Abi and I produced our first samples of our grey and wheat suede caps. We planned on releasing them back in September. The grey and wheat color schemes were a play off the Tom and Jerry color scheme, which was the inspiration behind the project. I was in complete awe, like any creative would have been, when coming face to face with their creation. I was excited for the release. However, victory was short lived! After my summer vacation trip with my wife, we found out the manufacturer no longer had the colors we wanted and were sold-out of the blank hats. I was heartbroken, but I think Abi took it the hardest. Focused on lifting our spirits, I told Abi we should create two new hats from scratch, just to get our creative juices flowing. We decided to test some samples on black and blue suede hats. Using the exact same strategy as last time, we ordered our samples. We received them in just two weeks, and in a month, we were back on top! At least, we thought we were! Just a few days later, I found out, yet again, that those two colors were sold out! I felt as if the universe was trying to tell us something. Honestly, I was too pissed to listen.

I wanted to use this artwork as a gift to say, “Thank You” to all the people who supported and inspired us to create the hats in the first place.

 The Solution

While scrolling on my Instagram page, I came across the artwork for the retro card we designed and packaged for our last crown cap we released in 2016. As I looked at Abi’s artwork, I felt like I was looking at it for the first time. The more I observed the artwork, the more inspired I became; I knew I wanted to do something with it. I wanted to use this artwork as a gift to say, “Thank You” to all the people who supported and inspired us to create the hats in the first place. Therefore, with Abi’s permission and blessing, we came up with the concept to mail a free print to anyone in exchange for their story. And that’s how this project, which started out as one thing, ended up being something even better!

The Goal


Our goal is to gift 25 creatives with a free print from our crown cap series. So, here is how you can receive your free print:

The Breakdown! 

1)  Send an email to and tell me something that you are thankful for. When sending your email, think about something that really makes a difference in your life. It can be your parents, your career, or cup of coffee. Anyone who knows me, knows which one of those would be my answer.

2)  Once selected, I will ask you to send me the address you would like us to ship the print off to.

3)  Enjoy the print! Frame it or tape it to a place where you feel most inspired.

 The prints will be mailed out on Black Friday, so the deadline will end on Thanksgiving Day. We only have 25 prints, so once we reach our goal, that’s all folks! I can’t wait to read your stories and I hope this month we can take time to truly be thankful. I also hope this print can serve as a reminder. 

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Also the photo’s from this post were taken on Abi Samsung and not on an iPhone. It’s clear that Abi doesn’t appreciate the finer things in life.